Genuine Lappish local food

Restaurant Apaja

Open 30.1.16 - 23.4.16
Café is open 11-16

Delicious and hearty buffet dinner
at 17–19 for all the hungry.

In summer open only by request.
Ask for an offer for meetings, celebrations and other events.


On the premises there is a cozy small restaurant Apaja with 60 seats – furnished with fishing theme. We have licence to serve wine and beer.

On the terrace with 20 seats you can enjoy the lake and fell views all year round.

Food from the very near

Our restaurant Apaja offers authentic Lappish flavors.

We rely on the power of local food. Reindeer meat comes from the nearby herders, venison from the village hunters, whitefish and vendace from the lake, potatoes from our own plot, cloudberry from the swamps and other berries from the tuffets of surrounding forests.

Enjoy your meal!